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A leather backpack for women , have you ever toyed with the idea of ​​getting one? Then you are very trendy because leather and leather look are timeless and are becoming more and more popular. In addition, these women's backpacks are practical and you can never have enough of them. Similar to handbags, women need different sizes, colors and styles to perfect different outfits or to add some variety to the existing wardrobe. We are happy to provide assistance in choosing the one, perfect or even several backpacks for different occasions. A retro backpack or a chic daypack for women is definitely an asset and a recommended purchase for every wardrobe. Here we present a colorful selection of suitable backpacks for every style, taste and occasion.

Our bee


Under the cool brand name "BIENCHEN" we find this extremely stylish backpack for women . The product is available in either brown, green and black or as a high-contrast accessory in five other different shades, with the main element always being dark brown. Here you are almost tempted to buy every color combination because they are all so beautiful. The decorative application in the form of a bee is really very decorative and attracts everyone's attention. The small, additionally attached pocket with straps is also visually appealing. The rounded shapes of the entire backpack are harmonious and this shape also makes sense from a physiological point of view. So this great backpack made of imitation leather is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable to wear. Thanks to a size of 20x10x23 cm and a practical front pocket, this backpack has a capacity of 20 liters. The material used even makes the backpack waterproof when it rains . The individual pockets are closed with zippers and small flap locks. So the backpack is well closed and still light and practical to use. In addition, a small, useful pocket for your mobile phone is integrated into the backpack.

To the backpack

WESTAL leather backpack for women


This cowhide leather backpack for women is only available in one “color”: multicolored. The design of this really cool and stylish backpack for women is reminiscent of a patchwork blanket. Composed of wonderful color combinations in earth tones, turquoise, rust and wine red, this backpack is an eye-catcher. The adjustable leather straps, which act as shoulder straps, are dark brown to match the overall design and complete the cool vintage design. What is particularly nice here is that all the zips and the metal buckles on the carrying straps go very well together. This fact makes the floral and colorful model appealing and exciting, but not restless. The zipped pocket integrated into the back part deserves a special mention, as it in no way reduces the carrying comfort. Approximately 20 liters of capacity fit into this backpack for women. So it offers enough space for all sorts of things. Not only beautiful, but also practical, the backpack also has a handbag, a key chain holder and another integrated zip pocket. So this great and robust backpack can be used in many ways, whether as hand luggage when travelling, as a school bag for young women, as a leather backpack for women in everyday life or at work.


Retro women's backpack - Simple and yet decorative


With this backpack for women, the first thing that catches the eye is the extremely decorative, centrally placed metal buckle. The backpack is closed with this simple, round element, at the same time it forms the center, which is visually very appealing. The inherently angular shape is rounded everywhere. This creates an elegant, but by no means angular impression. Simple and by no means overloaded, it is a good companion for various occasions, but is also wonderful to use in everyday life. The synthetic leather surface feels wonderfully smooth and comfortable. Available in the three colors brown, black and coffee, it is the highlight of every wardrobe without being obtrusive. In addition to the buckle closure, the main compartment can be securely closed with a zipper. With the two comfortable, curved carrying straps, the women's backpack can be shouldered on both sides or on one side, or you can carry it like a handbag with its additional handle. Inside there is an additional compartment that can be closed with a zipper. With an exceptional amount of space from 20 to 35 liters, you can transport a lot with this elegant women's backpack. Should you get caught in a rain shower, the contents of your practical backpack are even protected from the rainwater.


Stylish retro backpack is back in fashion


This retro backpack is visually reminiscent of the often romanticized time when our parents or grandparents were still young. Whether in black, light brown or coffee, this backpack for women really makes a statement. With a filling capacity of around 20 liters, something really fits in and it becomes a reliable companion through everyday life, at university or at school. You may also want to take it with you when you travel. This backpack is also very practical thanks to the numerous integrated pockets, for example for the mobile phone, or the zipped pocket for various small items such as keys or the like. The main compartment can also be closed with a zipper. In addition, very stylish straps are attached to the front, which can be closed with a decorative buckle. This works like a watch or a belt. The ends of the straps can also be put into small loops, which looks tidy because the ends don't dangle around loosely. In this way, the contents of this wonderful backpack are additionally protected against trick theft. The backpack made of imitation leather can be carried like a handbag by the carrying handle or you can casually shoulder it on one side or with both curved straps. A real classic in a new edition.


Your new women's backpack - colourful, hip and funky


This colorful leather backpack for women is something for the extroverts and funky among us. The colorful piece in Pippi Longstocking style is cool and makes a real statement against monotony and boredom. Thanks to the many colors used, this women's backpack can be combined very well with all kinds of outfits and always looks interesting. The ways in which you can wear this backpack for women are as diverse as its great look. In addition to its normal function as a backpack, it can not only be carried by the handle, but also has a shoulder strap. This shoulder strap can be easily attached and removed again using snap hooks. Just like the entire backpack and the shoulder straps, the shoulder strap is made of genuine cowhide. All straps are very soft and the backpack is not only comfortable, but also has an excellent feel. This hip patchwork backpack not only has lots of decorations such as loops and buckles, but also plenty of inner compartments for stowing various small items and your mobile phone. The secret compartment on the back offers space for important things that should not be lost under any circumstances. The backpack can be closed with a zipper, just like the compartment on the back. This backpack has a capacity of around 20 liters for women.


Women's backpack with matching handbag


This practical set is something special because there is also a handbag to match the backpack. The elegant set is not only a bargain, but also elegant in design and execution. Here you can choose between three colors: black, brown and coffee. While the black and brown versions are tone-in-tone, the color coffee has a special feature: the upper part of the backpack stands out in a slightly lighter color from the rest, which creates a nice contrast. In all versions, however, this set is a real eye-catcher. The women's daypack not only closes with a zip, but also has decorative straps. The small front pocket can be closed with a clip. Equipped with inside pockets and a mobile phone pocket, there is space for all your personal things. With a capacity of up to 20 liters and the clever design, you are well looked after on the go. The matching handbag has a very elegant, wavy design and of course fits perfectly with the backpack. Depending on your needs, you can combine the two or use them individually.


The women's backpack in school bag style


This retro satchel-style backpack is something new. And just like in a classic satchel, a lot fits into our beautiful daypack for women with a capacity of 20 liters. This extraordinarily beautiful backpack is ideal for everyday life with its diverse requirements and reliably transports everything you need every day. With its choice of four different colors, this backpack offers women many new combination options, and it is almost difficult to decide on a colour. This backpack is available in summery white, elegant black, classic brown and in the fashionable shade of coffee. The fashionable backpack is also very practical, because it has an inside compartment, a mobile phone pocket and an inside zip pocket. Another compartment is also attached to the front of the backpack. The main compartment also has a zipper, of course. The backpack can also be closed with two buckles on the outside, so everything is safely stowed away. In addition, the women's backpack has an inside compartment, an inside pocket, a mobile phone pocket and an integrated pocket with a zipper. Every tidy wearer can store a lot here without things getting mixed up on the go. It is made of faux leather.


Women's backpack - the patterned version


This high-quality women's daypack is visually reminiscent of the Wild West. The decorative part made of real cowhide is decorated with interestingly patterned checks, which differ in color from the rest of the bag, but still go very well with it. The color combinations are coffee-orange, black-purple, green-yellow and brown-yellow. This retro backpack is really cool and feels great. But not only the excellent feel or the processed, noble materials make this backpack something very special. This vintage patchwork backpack has solid zippers, each color matched to the design. With a capacity of up to 35 liters, this solid backpack is very spacious and versatile. The inner pocket and the integrated mobile phone pocket are a great idea and make the women's backpack very suitable for everyday use and at the same time an eye-catcher. The comfortable shoulder straps are adjustable in length, so the backpack can be worn short or long and also adapts wonderfully to every wearer.


The little black one

Leather backpack women | Backpack women store

This wonderful daypack for women is unobtrusive and classic in black. With a quilted pattern and soft, adjustable shoulder straps, the women's backpack is an excellent and comfortable companion for every day. The soft and non-slip synthetic leather feels very good. In keeping with the simple design, this backpack has no outer pockets or other decorations or extras. In addition to the soft hand strap, the backpack also has adjustable, curved shoulder straps, which are also black and pleasantly soft. This backpack for women can be filled with up to 20 liters and is therefore suitable for many different occasions. Whether for leisure, sports or in the office, it adapts very well to any environment and is modern and chic at the same time. Thanks to the soft material, it is very comfortable to wear and it nestles nicely against the body. If you take it with you instead of a handbag, you always have your hands free.



Punk is not dead


This extravagant model is called “Spiked Fashion Leather Backpack Ladies”. This piece is an absolute must for extroverted ladies. As a dream in black and silver, this backpack speaks for itself and makes a statement. Covered all over with the famous, classic rivets, this backpack has a very special charisma and effect on the viewer. With absolute certainty, this backpack is the highlight in every wardrobe. The very robust and comfortable shoulder straps are particularly wide and thus ensure a comfortable fit on the shoulders. In addition, they are adjustable in length and make carrying this backpack a special experience. An outside pocket with a zip offers enough space for all sorts of small items. But this special backpack also has a lot to offer inside. Starting with the inlay for laptops or tablets, which protects them and keeps the sensitive technology in place and on the move. This great backpack also has its own integrated pocket for your cell phone, in which it is kept safe. For other little things, this backpack offers additional space in the form of an integrated zip pocket and another inner pocket. The overall size is 42cm x 14cm x 42cm, so this great piece has a generous capacity of up to 35 litres. It consists partly of artificial leather

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