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Our 10 Best Women's Backpacks 2022 | Your new women's backpack for 2022

Backpacks for women , like handbags, are a very controversial topic, because we are all different and every woman has her own needs and desires. Should the women's backpack be more feminine or super cool? For some, the backpack needs to be practical, others would like it to be soft so as not to strain their backs, for others style is the priority. Opinions also differ when it comes to the question of the optimal size of the perfect backpack. The best, however, are models that combine several or even all of these components and thus become the perfect companion in our everyday life, for sports or when travelling. Here we have listed ten great models with different advantages that suit every style.

Meaningful and chic

The stylish animal print backpack for women is something very special and, according to current figures, the absolute bestseller. With its excellent feel and its many integrated and practical extras, it is wonderfully suited as a daily companion to work, to university, to school or wherever else it is supposed to go. It is also a practical and totally stylish accessory when travelling, thanks to its easy handling and the many storage options. With a handle and the two shoulder straps, it can be carried in a variety of ways, either on one or both shoulders, or you can carry it by the handle like a tote bag or handbag. The practical and stable zipper protects the contents and fits very well with the overall design of this beautiful backpack. It also has a mobile phone pocket, a zip pocket and an inlay for the computer. So you don't have to carry a less fashionable laptop bag with you. If you want to buy a backpack , this could be just the right thing for you. In several colors, this great part stands out. However, the all-white version is in no way inferior to the gold-brown, more contrasting version. In all colors and designs, this part is a real eye-catcher.


The classic as a women's backpack


This model is less modern and more classically oriented. The extraordinarily soft and non-slip backpack made of sheepskin and cotton is available in four different and also classic colors: wine red, dark blue, black and brown. The brown variant is reminiscent of a typical vintage backpack for women. The length of the shoulder straps can be easily and practically adjusted and thus adapts to every shoulder and every back. The fashionable classic is even protected from rain and can be closed securely and securely with a zipper. The outer pockets on the side and the smaller front pocket, which can also be closed with a zip, offer practical options for stowing all sorts of things that you have taken with you. The inside pocket and the practical handbag offer space for small private items. This modern backpack for women is suitable both as a school backpack or as a luxurious travel backpack. With a very elegant, silver-colored lettering, this backpack can definitely be seen. Thanks to the many compartments and individual pockets, everyone who loves order can enjoy being able to sort and organize to their heart's content and find everything exactly where it belongs at the destination.


The vintage backpack in croc design


The cool brand name "Koko Cat" already describes the style of this backpack. The backpack made of PU leather with the stylish alligator print pattern has a capacity of 20 liters to 35 liters, depending on the type of content, so quite a lot fits in. In glossy black, this abrasion-resistant material can look very classy. Since the design works for itself, the beautiful women's backpack does not require any further decorations, which would only disturb the original design with the unique and popular embossing.

The soft carrying straps for the shoulders make this backpack extremely comfortable and easy to handle. In addition, this model has a very practical inner pocket in which you can store important things without having to search for them forever. This fashionable model, available in an elegant night black, impresses at first sight. It is ideal for fans of the crocodile look design or as a useful gift for a dear friend or family member. The front pocket is particularly nice, which, like the main compartment, can also be closed with a zip, which is also stylishly black. This model is also very soft and falls under the category of backpack women modern .


Sporty and modern at the same time


This model bears the unusual name "RUIPAI" and is one of the most popular in the category of backpacks for women . In the extraordinary patchwork design, this backpack for women is really something different. Even from the outside you can see what this great part can do. With its numerous and fashionably perfectly coordinated and adjustable buckles, straps and zippers, the cool backpack looks rather sporty. The interior of this beautiful model also has plenty of comfort and storage space to offer. With a size of 48*31*16 cm, it offers a storage space of 20 liters to 35 liters. It has really great designed outer pockets in different sizes, which can also be closed. Inside there is even a super practical compartment to safely stow the laptop or tablet. The mobile phone pocket and other inner and outer pockets also ensure perfect organization of all things carried. That wasn't even all he can do, because the shoulder straps are not only very well made and feel comfortable when worn, you can also adjust the length of them on top. This stylish piece is really an all-rounder and highly recommended for everyday use, travel and all other occasions. As a unisex model, it is even suitable as a backpack for couples, surprise your sweetheart with this great idea. Since the backpack is available in three colors, namely blue, black and light gray, the most diverse tastes are served. So everyone can find their favourite.


Waterproof and simple for minimalists


This simple model convinces us with its minimalist style and waterproofness. This unisex model made of nylon and polyester is woven in jacquard style and is only available in black. Jacquard is a fabric with a large weaving pattern, which contributes to the simple and beautiful design and underlines the character of this backpack. Of course, the integrated inner pocket for the laptop and the practical storage for the mobile phone are also absolute standard here. There is also a separate pocket with a zipper on the inside. The capacity of this smaller model is almost 20 liters. The main pocket can be closed with a zipper, while the smaller front pocket can be closed and then closed with a black strap, which looks very classy. There is also a small outer pocket on the side. The shoulder straps are also black and can be adjusted in length. The overall image of the women's backpack is simple and yet decorative.


A dreamy girl part


This very feminine backpack is not only very pretty, but is also characterized by its multiple carrying options. It is up to the wearer to decide whether to throw it casually over the shoulder with the shoulder strap, to travel on one or both shoulders as a classic backpack, or to carry it by the handle like a handbag. If necessary, the additional carrying strap can be removed and attached to the backpack again using the snap hook. The smooth, non-slip surface made of PU leather simply feels great and looks great. This beautiful backpack is available in white and pink or in an elegant black version. The two rear straps can be adjusted and adjusted as desired, so that each wearer can adapt the backpack to her individual style. The beautiful handles on the zippers are particularly stylish and elegant. The women's backpack also offers a lot of security. The absolute highlight is the zip pocket on the back of this great backpack. The large main compartment and the front compartment can also be closed with a zipper. In order to increase security here as well, these two bags can also be closed with a flap that has a very decorative clip as a closing mechanism. This great backpack is really stylish and a must have for all the ladies among us. The value for money is really very good here.


Tone in tone a real eye-catcher


The women's backpack with the silver lion, elegantly made of PU leather and elaborately decorated with shiny metallic applications, is a real eye-catcher. This great piece particularly stands out in a monochrome design. The all-silver and tone-on-tone version is very interesting and is in no way inferior to the gold-brown, high-contrast version. In all colors and designs, this part is a real eye-catcher. Every woman gets through everyday life, professional life or school with it in proper style, and the cool backpack is also a very good companion when travelling. Whether thrown casually over one shoulder or carried on both sides with the length-adjustable shoulder straps, the backpack is always comfortable to carry and has great handling. It can also be carried along with the practical carrying handle, similar to a handbag. It can be closed with a zipper. The integrated pockets for the mobile phone and the computer, as well as the integrated inner pocket are extremely practical and easy to use. This model is available in different colors and sizes and suits the self-confident woman of today very well.


This women's backpack is almost a handbag


This extraordinary backpack for women looks almost like a handbag. You can even convert it into a handbag by removing the shoulder straps. Removing and reattaching the adjustable shoulder straps is child's play thanks to the snap hooks, allowing for a wide range of uses. This vintage backpack can be converted into a luxury handbag in just a few steps. This makes it a perfect gift for girls who are learning or studying. This backpack is also ideal as a companion to work. In the morning it can be used as a school backpack or work bag, and in the afternoon as a decorative handbag for meeting friends. Thanks to the integrated mobile phone pocket, the mobile phone is always at hand and does not have to be searched for long. The front compartment is closed with a very decorative flap that tapers to a point at the bottom. The chic part in the elegant and luxurious business look is available in the colors black, brown and burgundy.


The softie - women's backpack


This backpack for women is something very special for everyone who likes it very soft. The abrasion-resistant material PU leather feels excellently soft and smooth, you will love its surface. The top closure flap is embossed with very decorative lettering that gives the whole an urban style and a very interesting look. This smaller backpack with a capacity of around 20 liters is a real collector's item that you won't want to give away anytime soon. A slightly smaller zip pocket is attached to the front, on top of which sits another, smaller zip pocket, very cleverly designed. The main compartment, which is under a cover, can also be opened and closed with a zipper. This great piece can be found under the brand name "Micky Ken". The shoulder straps are very comfortable and can be individually adjusted in length. The backpack is comfortable to wear in all situations and nestles comfortably against the body without being burdensome. In addition, the backpack has very practical outer pockets in which you can store a lot. This beautiful accessory is available in the colors black, dark blue, wine red and violet.


Vintage backpack - Can be used on both sides


A practical feature among our many models is this beautiful vintage backpack . It can be used as a backpack or as a breast pocket. The cute backpack measures 34*22*9 cm and has an amazing capacity of up to 35 liters. This great piece is made from wonderfully soft sheepskin and is available in four different colours. From classic black and dark blue to modern purple and burgundy, the backpack looks really great in all versions. The two smaller outer pockets on the front can be closed with a zipper. The smaller of the two pockets is very decoratively set at an ascending angle, giving the whole piece a certain uniqueness. The locking mechanism on the main compartment is also unique in terms of shape and design and functions both as a lock and as a decorative element. The many different compartments and storage options are just as practical as the integrated mobile phone pocket. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the model is very comfortable.


Thanks to the enormous selection on our website , every woman will find the right backpack for everyday life, school and other occasions.

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