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Best Small Ladies Backpacks 2022 | Our "small ladies backpack" highlights 2022

Looking for a small women's backpack?

Backpacks don't always have to be big or expansive. There are definitely small and even dainty models on the market that wonderfully fulfill their very special purpose as a mini backpack. Instead of or in addition to a handbag, such a small backpack is ingeniously practical in everyday life, at work or even when studying. As a small piece of hand luggage for travel, it can not only be very practical, but also serve as a pretty accessory. A small backpack is an absolutely fashionable and totally hip companion for every woman this year, whether in everyday life, during sports or at work. Backpacks are by no means tied to a specific age group, but are always appropriate and attractive. For every need, taste and every style, you will find exactly the right backpack for every woman in our wide range. Stylish and perfectly equipped, you always have both hands free on the go and don't have to fiddle around with other bags.

Small but mighty - small ladies backpack

This pretty little women's backpack has a surprise in store for you because it has a removable zippered pocket. This offers space for all kinds of little things and of course matches the backpack perfectly in terms of color and appearance. The backpack itself can also be closed with a zipper. Here, too, the handpieces on the clasp match those of the smaller bag perfectly. The stitched pattern is also repeated on both parts. Several decorative compartments are attached to the front compartment of the backpack, which makes this model very ladylike and attractive. It has an inner compartment, an inner zip pocket and also offers an integrated mobile phone pocket for your mobile phone. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length and the back of this backpack is rounded to make it even more comfortable to carry. The elegant, small backpack is available in three different colors. In classic black, elegant white and an exciting shade of pink. With a weight of just 800 grams and a size of 27cm x 11cm x 33cm, this synthetic leather backpack is very handy and extremely suitable for everyday use.


Women's backpacks - The handbag to shoulder

This women's backpack has everything you need for such moments: backpacks for extra storage space and easy access to cell phone and wallet; There is also enough space for an Ipad. It's also versatile - it can be used as a work or leisure bag and even has adjustable straps making it perfect for climbing a mountain peak. The 2in1 backpack pocket function is particularly practical, so you can always freely choose how you carry the backpack pocket.

This genuine leather backpack features an embossed detail. It's the perfect bag for on the go, be it for work or school, with enough space for all your essentials. The soft handle makes it easy to carry, while the phone pocket ensures you're always connected. This classic style goes with any outfit - casual or chic!

The prettiest and most practical way to transport your everyday essentials! Our "The Casual Lady" backpack has a practical zippered pocket for your belongings. The large main compartment offers plenty of space for your wallet or tablet.


A sporty youth backpack


This women's backpack impresses visually with its cool feather print pattern on a black background. The black shoulder strap, printed with white letters, which is also reflected in the backpack design, immediately catches the eye. The shoulder straps are stable, comfortable and made of a non-slip material. Due to the high-quality workmanship, this backpack is ideal as a school bag or as a sports bag for daily and regular use. This robust backpack bears the youthful brand name "GEKEMAI" and is made of Oxford, a slightly shimmering cotton fabric. On the front there is a very modern, horizontally opening additional pocket, on the back there is a kind of secret compartment in which you can store important things such as keys, bank cards or cash. This protected compartment has a zipper. The mobile phone can also be safely stowed away and stored in the integrated mobile phone pocket. The small backpack offers plenty of space for all sorts of useful things and is so versatile.


The colorful mini backpack for women

This small backpack made of real cow leather and cotton is very high quality and has a great price-performance ratio. It's small, chic and cool at the same time. The interesting design of the front is particularly striking, which stands out visually and in contrast to the rest of the backpack. The backpack is still available, but the contrast is just as effective as in the previous version. The mini backpack has a capacity of just under 20 liters. It can be transported just as comfortably with the extremely soft hand strap as it can be carried over the shoulder with the length-adjustable shoulder strap. The many integrated pockets and compartments are perfect for those who love order, because everything stays where it should be on the go and you don't have to keep looking for something. The integrated mobile phone pocket in particular offers a great advantage. The leather of this practical mini vintage backpack is wonderfully soft and non-slip, so it has an exceptionally great feel and will definitely become your favorite piece. Should you ever get caught in the rain, the waterproof backpack reliably protects your personal belongings thanks to its waterproofness.


Color accents


The designer has set really great accents here with zippers in a contrasting color. The zippers stand out in bright blue and strong red. The black, small backpack made of real cow leather is very high quality and really trendy. The two compartments of the women's backpack offer plenty of space and are of a similar size. The laptop or tablet can be stowed in one compartment, because there is an extra inlay for this, while books, papers or private things can be stored in the other compartment. The useful, small backpack made of real cow leather is robust, suitable for everyday use and at the same time very chic. Comfort and carrying comfort are also taken care of, because the shoulder straps of the backpack feel very comfortable and are also adjustable in length. The backpack adapts wonderfully to the wearer and becomes a practical companion for school, work or leisure for every day.


The backpack for those who stay simple

With its cool and simple black design you just have to like this backpack. The special feature here is that the main part is made of slightly coarser vegan leather in simple black. The applications are stylishly draped around it. Together with the style element in the middle of the backpack, the design is reminiscent of the elegance of a simple black. A small backpack with this unusual design is always a real eye-catcher and something special. Of course, the hand strap and the shoulder straps also go very well with the overall look and are soft and comfortable. The shoulder straps can be adjusted in length. These can also be removed and reattached with snap hooks. The main compartment can be closed with a zipper, as can the integrated pocket on the inside. In addition, the small backpack offers a built-in mobile phone pocket and has a capacity of almost 20 liters. The backpack is nice and soft and feels very good. This great backpack can be used in a variety of ways, for example as a school bag, travel bag or as an everyday companion for work or university.


The Fash Tash as a backpack for women

The term "Fash Tash" hits the mark here, because this extremely elegant model of a small women's backpack is glamorous and noble. In the colors black, light brown and in a coffee tone, it really looks good. The comfortable hand strap for the handbag function is very handy and soft and well padded, so that this backpack can be carried comfortably even with a lot of content. Of course, the chic imitation leather backpack also has shoulder straps that can be adjusted in length and this women's backpack can be shouldered on one or both sides and looks impressive. The top flap is made of a nice shiny material and stands out visually from the main compartment. As a special decorative element, a strap runs in the middle, around which a metal application winds very attractively.

But this small luxury backpack also has a lot to offer in practical terms. The backpack has a separate inner compartment, a zip pocket, another inner pocket and also an integrated pocket, especially for the mobile phone. With this wonderful backpack, you can get through the day well organized and fashionably perfectly equipped.


The simple bag backpack for women


The elegant and discreet backpack is kept very simple and yet very fashionable and chic. This is also one of the models that is based on a handbag and is therefore versatile and very practical. Available in three colors, classic black, elegant burgundy and earthy tan, this backpack is a great fit for any style and wardrobe. With a size of 24cm x 27cm x 11cm and a capacity of less than 20 liters you can store everything important in it. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length, so the soft backpack can be comfortably adjusted to any wearer. Whether worn casually long or chic and short, on one or both shoulders or used as a handbag by the carrying handle, this backpack offers its wearer a variety of carrying options for every occasion. The small front pocket has a decorative strap with a buckle that goes perfectly with the closure of the main compartment. This main compartment is very solidly reinforced with a metallic application and gives the backpack stability. The additional zip pocket offers space for all sorts of small things or important things that you don't want to look for first, such as keys for the house and car. This small women's backpack impresses with its generous capacity of up to 35 liters. So it is not only ideal as a daypack, but also as a travel backpack.


A rocking, small backpack for women


Decorated with flat metal rivets, this model is a bit wilder and more extroverted. Available in dark green, black and tan, this small backpack offers a beautiful and matching range of colours. He looks unusual, especially in the dark shade of green. The locking mechanism, which works in a similar way to a belt buckle or the thorn clasp of a wristwatch, is striking. The metallic rivet appliqués are cleverly and fashionably placed quite low on the front and also on the fastening strap. Two vertical zip pockets are attached on the right and left, which round off the extraordinary design. The handle of this soft little backpack is well padded and solid. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so it can be worn in different lengths and also adapts very well to the size of the wearer. The back section is extremely comfortable, and its rounded shape makes it considerably more comfortable to wear. An additional internal compartment allows the items carried to be sorted. The waterproofness of the rocking backpack is also really practical. So it is ideal for everyday use, but also suitable for outdoor activities.


Colorful variety even in a small backpack

This backpack for women is above all very cute and still ladylike. With such a large selection of this model in different colors and the great price, it is even worth buying several. Without having to think long and commit to a specific color, this piece really spices up any wardrobe. So it's no wonder that this model in all colors is one of the absolute top sellers. The small backpack made of soft faux leather has three larger zipped compartments, an additional inner pocket and also an additional pocket just for the mobile phone. The lettering "forever young" means "forever young" adorns the backpack in the middle as a decorative element. The zippers and their handles are kept in a pretty gold tone and give the whole design the finishing touch. With an inner pocket, an additional inner compartment and the integrated, small pocket for the mobile phone, everything that you would like to take with you can be neatly accommodated here. On the way, all stowed items stay in their place and you carry a perfectly organized bag. With a capacity of almost 20 liters, something fits neatly into this cute backpack. The straps used to carry the backpack are adjustable in length and make the small backpack very comfortable. The different colors are black, burgundy, green, salmon, light blue and dark pink, which could also be described as lotus-colored.


If you are looking for a small women's backpack, you should definitely take a look here . Our website offers an enormous selection of attractive women's backpacks.

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